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Join in The Witcher universe's favorite card game! In GWENT, you clash with your friends in fast-paced duels that combine bluffing, on-the-fly decision making and careful deck construction The goal of this guide is to provide the Gwent newcomers with cheap decks. The decks were built with an initial budget of 400-500 scraps. We also included 4 lucrative upgrades per faction, slowly tailoring each deck towards the meta standard. You can join our Discord if you have any questions. Writ

Card types. Decks contain 25-40 cards, made up of units of varying rarities and colours. Gold cards are generally the most powerful in the game, and the rarest to find in kegs (Gwent's version of. © 2021 Gwent.us Not approved/endorsed by CD PROJEKT RE Strong and easier deck, meaning it saves you time and learning curb as a champion of Gwent. With this deck you'll know it's valuable and consistently out do your adversary, reliably. Cards. Tactical Advantage; The Great Oak; Water of Brokilon; Call of the Forest; Barnabas Beckenbauer; Figgis Merluzzo; Pavko Gale; Toruviel; Fauve; Treant Boar; Weeping Willow; Malen Bekijk onze gwent deck selectie voor de allerbeste unieke of custom handgemaakte items uit onze spellen & puzzels shops The Team Aretuza GWENT Meta Snapshot attempts to showcase the most-played decks on the Pro and Ranked ladders. We then attempt to rank them based on deck strength. These are the decks dominating the ladder right now, and this list does not represent all of the decks available nor even necessarily the best there is to be seen

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Best Gwent Decks 2020. Competitive Gwent players refer to the meta a lot. When they say it, it's in the original acronymic sense, referring to Most Effective Tactics Available.As the game continues to get updated, the meta tends to shift by degrees as cards get introduced, nerfed, buffed, or what-have-you The Gwent decks below can be quite costly, but every card can be purchased for free if you mill any unwanted cards or play a few casual matches to earn scraps

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Skellige Gwent deck: 2 random cards from the graveyard are placed on the battlefield at the start of the third round. Gwent neutral cards: n/a (not a faction onto itself but can supplement the other decks) Minigame rules. Phase of redrawing. To begin a match, the game selects the starting player with a coin toss Best Decks in Gwent - May 2020 Meta. Dillon Skiffington Follow on Twitter May 14, 2020. 2-minute read. I'll long be an advocate of CD Projekt RED's standalone card game Gwent. Though it's not among the most popular online collectible card games, it's certainly up there in quality Gwent Meta Report #11 December 19, 2019 wusubi — No Comments . Welcome to the update of our 11th meta report, The Radeyah infestation of the pro rank continues. Pincer Maneuver Siege is the most popular deck for Northern Realms. After a long time, Scoia'tael has more toys to play with than Ahead of the tournament, each participant must build 4 decks from 4 different factions. No two decks can be of the same faction. Opponents will be able to ban, in secret, a chosen enemy deck at the beginning of each game. Once the players have each banned an enemy deck, they will choose 1 out of their 3 remaining decks to use for their first match

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